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 To speak to a Range Officer and make an appointment for a visit, call: 0161 427 9133  

 between 19:30 and 20:30 Monday to Friday and you will be given directions to the Club.

 We operate a booking system and only take a maximum of 2 new visitors per day.

 Please remember that we are a club, we are not a business like a bowling alley and cannot deal with large numbers of visitors at any one time.

  • 1) Can I come with a group of friends for a shoot / can I hire the range for the afternoon / can I have a 'fun shoot' / can I give a shooting session as a gift for my husband, girl friend, partner / can we come for a corporate bonding session? The short answer is No.

    Please understand, we are a private, members only club, we are not a business. We cannot deal with more than two new visitors at a time and then only by arrangement. Do not turn up with some friends in tow and expect to be allowed to shoot: see How to visit the Club for full details.

  • 2) How much does it cost to hire the range for half-an-hour? You cannot hire the range, we are not a business like a bowling alley, you can only shoot as a member or as a visitor (after making a specific booking), the cost as a visitor is currently £10 per person: see How to visit the Club for full details. Please note that all payment must be by either credit or debit card as we do not take cash.

  • 3) How do I visit the club? See How to visit the Club for full details and to be able to make a specific booking for a shooting visit.
  • 4) What is the minimum age limit for joining the club? The minimum age for full membership is 18, however there is a junior membership between 14 and 18. Juniors pay a reduced annual subscription and range fee. Minimum age for airgun shooting is 18.

  • 5) Is there a senior section? Yes, from 65 for both men and women. Seniors pay a reduced annual membership fee, there is no upper age limit for shooting or obtaining a Firearms Certificate.

  • 6) What is the current annual membership fee? See Marple Rifle and Pistol Club details, how to join and costs, for full details

  • 7) Is there a family rate for membership? Yes, ask at the club for details.

  • 8) What is the cost of the range fee? See Marple Rifle and Pistol Club details, how to join and costs, for full details

  • 9) When are the annual subscriptions due? The subs run from 1st January to 31st December. There is a proportional reduction when joining, dependent on how many months have elapsed, e.g. if you join in July, you will pay a half the annual rate.

  • 10) What other costs apart from Annual Subscriptions are there? There is a Range Fee paid once each day that you shoot (currently £3). Other costs depend on the shooter and vary depending on personal requirements / circumstances. These could include such items as ammunition, targets, competition fees, travel and refreshments.

  • 11) How do I become a member? You complete a membership application form and return it to the Club along with the Joining Fee, the correct proportion of the annual subscription for the joining year, three passport sized photographs and a self-addressed stamped envelope. You then have to attend the Club to shoot for a minimum of 18 times over the next 6 months. This is the probationary period and on successful completion, full membership is confirmed at the next committee meeting.

  • 12) Can you store my gun for me at the range as I do not want to have it in the house? The short answer is no.

  • 13) Can women participate without disadvantage? Yes, very definitely since strength is not a major issue.

  • 14) Are women welcome to join the Club? Yes, we encourage ladies to come and have a go in all disciplines.

  • 15) I have been banned for drink-driving, will this be a bar to obtaining a Firearms Certificate? Not necessarily, but it must be declared when applying for a Firearms Certificate.

  • 16) What will be a bar to obtaining a Firearms Certificate? Any criminal conviction involving violence or the use of firearms. Some minor offences lapse after the passage of a few years and a Firearms Certificate can then be granted. Note that it is absolutely necessary that you declare any convictions of any sort to us when coming to the Club to shoot, even as a visitor for airgun shooting, see  Gun law page for more details.

  • 17) Who owns the Club? The members. It is a social organisation that is run by the members and for the members. It is not a commercial organisation in any way and is definitely not a profit making organisation at all.

  • 18) Where is the Club located? In Marple, Stockport, Cheshire, England,  see How to visit Marple Rifle and Pistol Club for contact details and times of opening.

  • 19) How do I contact the Club? Either by telephone on:  0161 427 9133, or via email at: enquiries However it is best to telephone the Club, as much more information can be imparted in a short telephone conversation than can be given by even a long email reply. To visit the club, you must telephone first as arrangements for a first visit cannot be made by email.

  • 20) Is target shooting an anti-social sport?   No, not at all. Neither unfortunately is it a spectator sport and this does mean that it has a relatively low profile, compared, say to cricket. This has the effect of making it a somewhat 'invisible' pastime.

  • 21) Why do you say 18 is the minimum age for Thursday night airgun shooting? There are two reasons for this, firstly there is a degree of physical strength required, since all shooting is done from an unsupported standing position and generally children under 18 are not sufficiently well developed to do this comfortably and safely. Secondly, from over 20 years experience, we have found that children under 18 are not sufficiently mature to make safe progress on their own, they need constant one-to-one instruction and supervision. Regrettably we do not have the manpower to provide such levels of instruction, hence the age limit.

  • 22) Why if the minimum age for Thursday night airgun is 18, do you allow younger persons to shoot firearms, especially .22 rifles? Firstly, unlike Thursday night airgun shooting, most .22 shooting is done prone with a supporting sling, so strength is not such an issue. Secondly, the supporting sling restricts freedom of movement of the shooter and so the possible risk of a hazardous situation arising is greatly reduced. A further point is that all shooting is broken into short duration details whilst targets are manually changed, unlike airgun shooting which uses automatic target changers and has continuous shooting.

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