Pyrodex propellant powder

   Pyrodex powder is probably the most popular Black Powder substitute and it is classified as a propellant rather than an explosive. The purchaser must hold either a Firearms Certificate or a Shotgun Certificate to buy and possess, but it does not require an Explosives Certificate. "Proper" Black Powder is an explosive and an Explosives Certificate is required to buy and possess it. It should be noted that not all Black Powder substitutes are created equal, for example Pyrodex pellets and Hodgdon Triple 7 for example, do require an Explosives Certificate to possess.

   One of the disadvantages of both Black Powder and Pyrodex is that they and their residues are extremely hygroscopic, which means they attract water, which in turn produces rust in your firearm. It is extremely important that all equipment is cleaned promptly on the day of shooting. The normal process is to dismantle guns, wash them with hot soapy water then dry them thoroughly



Pyrodex muzzleloading propellant in a container


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