View through an adjustable foresight

    This picture shows the view looking through an adjustable foresight made by Centra (actually fitted to a Feinwerkbau LG700). The picture is slightly off-centre, hence the distortion in the central ring. Although this sight comes from an air rifle, the models used for .22 rimfire and larger calibre centrefire guns are exactly the same. The adjustments possible with this sight are as follows:

    a) that the cant (the movement away from the horizontal) can be adjusted to suit the degree of 'lean' that the marksman uses. The more the gun leans towards the shooter, the easier it is to stand upright without having to bend the neck.

    b) The thickness of the front element can be varied, so as to make the ring seem broader, or narrower, according to preference.

    c) The diameter of the central hole can be varied, so as to alter the gap around the aiming mark. It is important not to make this gap too small as it can lead to a false indication of how well the sight is centralised: see the view through the sights for more detail.

View through an adjustable foresight


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