25 yard .22 Prone Rifle target
(used in NSRA competitions)


    This 10 bull (each circular black aiming mark is referred to as a , bull) target is used for .22 rifle shot from the prone position. One shot is fired at each aiming mark and the total score possible is 100 (a 'Possible'). The spot in the centre has no numerical value and is only used as a tie-breaker. The 10 ring is the innermost white circle and these cards are scored using 'outward' gauging i.e. the outer edge of the shot hole that touches a scoring ring counts the lower, not the higher value. These targets are supplied by the NSRA and used for national and regional competitions.

    Due to the round nose type of projectile used, these targets are scored accurately by means of a plug gauge which has a flange the exact diameter of the bullet. The gauge is a push fit in the hole, which closes up after the bullet has passed through the target.

25 yard prone .22 target


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