Stop motion video of a 25 yard .22 rifle target being shot

    This is a close-up of a 5 shot group being fired from the prone position at a 25 yard .22 rifle target. The pauses between shots have been reduced to make this video load in a reasonable amount of time, normally you would expect the gap between each shot to be about three-quarters of a minute. In competition, only one shot is fired at each target so as to make scoring easier.

    The '10' on these targets is the large central ring and the scoring is done by outward gauging, which makes these targets a challenge to achieve a good score (the central white dot has no score value and is only used as a tie-breaker). Outward gauging means that if the shot hole touches the line furthest from the centre, that is the value of the shot. This is the reverse of inward gauging as used for air gun shooting. Because the .22 bullet does not cut a clean hole, a special scoring gauge is used to determine the value of any shot which looks close to the scoring line and in this example the first shot scored a '9', the total for the 5 shots being 49 (equating to 588 out of 600). As can be seen, the problem for this shooter was that his group was slightly low, if it had been only a fraction higher, he would have achieved a perfect score; could you do better?


Stop motion video of a 25 yard .22 rifle target being shot from the prone position


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