calibre Black Powder Pistol

    A .50 calibre Black Powder pistol, shot from the 25 metre firing point. This is a single shot percussion gun and the flash-back through the firing hole can be clearly seen in this view. These guns are fired by placing a small metal primer cap over the flash-hole in the rear of the chamber and when this cap is struck by the hammer, the flash travels through a short, small diameter drilling to ignite the main charge. The whole firing process only takes about a twentieth of a second or so from start to finish. The shooter is wearing ear protection in the form of self-sealing ear plugs, these allow normal conversation to be heard, but close rapidly when a gun is fired to protect the ear drum. Many people are surprised at the amount of muzzle blast produced by a Black Powder gun, it is really quite impressive and the over-pressure can be felt through the upper body.

.50 calibre black powder pistol


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