Open Letter for target shooting unity

from Marple Rifle and Pistol Club

        I am pleased to report that the following email was received from the NRA on Monday 4 September 2006, some 7 years after the open letter was first sent to them .............

    The NRA, NSRA & CPSA have already started work on amalgamating the three governing bodies into one. The progress has been reported in the press, in our Journal & on our website. Two articles are still available for viewing on the website,, then go to News/All news items. The articles are dated 9th May 2006 and 9th July 2006.

Heather Webb
Membership Secretary
National Rifle Association
01483 797777 x155

    We have written to both the NRA and the NSRA previously on behalf of the Officers, Committee and members of Marple Rifle and Pistol Club and are displaying this open letter again, to urge them to come together for the purpose of forming one representative body for the sport of target shooting within the UK.

    As shooters we now face the worst set of restrictions that we have ever been confronted with in this country. What we now need is Unity, Strength, Money and good Public Relations so as to fight our corner.

    The good Public Relations will come from Money, the Strength will come from Unity, the Unity will come from Common Sense and if there is no Common Sense, then we will fail.

        We as a club have enough difficulty in getting our members to join just one representative body (normally NSRA), there is absolutely no chance of them joining both the NRA and the NSRA. Why should members have to pay two separate fees to join two separate organisations just because they have guns of different calibres? A combined NRA / NSRA would have a much bigger appeal and draw many more members than the present divisive arrangement.

    As a club, we offer our own members our own competitions and in conjunction with other clubs in the Manchester area provide our own local leagues. Is it not obvious that it would be much better if the national bodies got together and provided a strong central lead in these matters? Such a move would encourage people to join the new organisation and enable the provision of worthwhile competitions and prestigious awards.

    One national body, properly funded can pay for good public relations and let the sport grow, as things stand it can only continue to decline.

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